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 I love the Dollar Stores for cute back to school supplies.

cute back to school supplies

I have to admit, I refuse to buy any other crayons for my children other than crayola, so you will not find me buying crayons at the dollar store unless they are Crayola.

Also you need to be careful to watch the prices because Walmart usually has really good prices during their back to school promotions.

The TOP 50 cute Back to School Supplies

  1. Lined Paper – check the count and a lot of times you can get 2 for 1.00
  2. 1 in binders – we have a notebook for everything
  3. Dry Erased Boards – we stock up on these
  4. Dry Erased Markers – we use these for our calendar notebooks
  5. Highlighters – for the high schoolers
  6. Dictionary – every house needs one and a vocabulary notebook
  7. Bible – an extra one for their back packs or to keep in the car
  8. Sandwich Baggies – to put our homemade manipulatives in
  9. Game Dice – to practice math and play Add “em Up
  10. Tissue Packs – they usually have purse size novelty ones
  11. Desk Calendars – my children each have one for their school desks to keep track of activities and assignments
  12. Thermos – for hot soup or Ravioli’s
  13. Pipe Cleaners – for crafts
  14. Beads 
  15. Workbooks – especially for preschoolerscute back to school supplies
  16. Glass Beads – for sensory bins
  17. Poms Poms – for counting and crafts
  18. Measuring Cups – for teaching measurements
  19. Craft Sticks – we use them to learn the books of the bible
  20. Cute Erasers – for place value lessons
  21. Spirals
  22. Book rings – silver for notecards
  23. scissors for little ones
  24. Big Dice – for math FUN
  25. Bingo Markers – for dot FUN
  26. Envelopes – to practice writing friendly letters
  27. Rulers – we always seem to misplace these items
  28. Legal Pads – check out this FUN drawing game
  29. Construction Paper Pads
  30. Manilla Paper for drawing
  31. Glue Sticks
  32. Calculators – the big ones for the kids to play with
  33. New Toothbrushes – everyone gets a new one for the first day of school
  34. Magnify Glass – for nature walks
  35. Coffee filters – for all those FUN crafts
  36. Salt – for DIY science kit
  37. Small plastic bins – for organizing school supplies kinda like I did here with our bathroom
  38. Shaving Cream – check out this big list of activities
  39. Flashcards of all kinds
  40. Soap Box – for all those flashcards or cards
  41. Colored Pens – for taking notes during Worship
  43. Chip clips – we use these for keeping things closed that are in baggies
  44. Pencils – make sure #2
  45. Index Cards
  46. Pencil sharpeners to have when doing school on the road
  47. Sandwich Cutters – super FUN(check out the graphic)
  48. Pencil Top erasers – you can’t have to many 
  49. Hand sanitizer – to keep in the car for when you go on field trips
  50. Puzzles
  51. Stickers – all kids love stickers
  52. Permanent Markers – for marking chore charts
  53. Paper Clips
  54. Rubber bands
  55. Plastic containers – for fruit

The list could go on, but these are the items that I found to be decent quality for a buck.

Don’t forget to print the FUN lunchbox notes and the back to school bucket list printables.

Tell us what cute back to school supplies you always get at the dollar store!