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Pick and Draw is an excitingly simple game that you can learn in only 5 minutes or less.  It’s perfect for our family’s nights!  And, anyone can join in at anytime.

It’s a FUN, unique drawing game that teaches you how to make very creative cartoon faces providing endless hours of fun and creativity.

You can either play by yourself or with more people. It’s a short and fast paced game that makes “success” possible, providing positive confidence to encourage continued learning.  Everyone is a winner with their own creativity!

Rich Davis, creator of Pick and Draw has a passion to teach young folks to ignite their creative juices and build self confidence.  While teaching drawing in public settings, Rich especially loves to see shy children become animated about their drawings and exhibit their masterpiece for the whole group.

How it works for us

Family Night with PAD

We usually play in the living room on the coffee table.  We take turns shuffling and dealing the cards.  We talk about dealing each player the cards in a clockwise rotation.  This is a bit challenging for the little ones, but they are catching on. We draw 6 cartoons on our piece of scrap paper.  Our goal is to make a silly looking family.

Family Night with Pick and Draw

Our little two year participates and tries her very best to copy each card.  I really appreciate that our whole family can play at the same time despite the age differences among our 6 children.

Grandma and Grandpa surprised us with their creative cartoons, too!

Family Night with Pick and Draw

After we each draw our own crazy family, we name each individual cartoon character and write it properly on our paper.  We discuss capital letters and have FUN creating silly names.  The children are quite creative when deciding the names.  Sometimes they think the cartoons looks like someone they know.  It’s really funny!

I love how the children can play this game among themselves without an adult.  This is a HUGE plus for me.  Also, each game is quick enough to keep their attention span.  The children stay busy with the game for about 45 minutes.

Buy It

Pick and Draw is quite reasonable at just $10, however, additional games on the same order are only $8.  How many stockings do you need to fill!

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