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We cover multiple subjects other than handwriting with the Draw Write Now books each day.

If you believe children need to be at a desk for 7 hours than you will definitely want to stop reading.

I strongly believe in teaching as many subjects together as a group and covering as many subjects at once as possible.

This leaves room for the children to use their creative minds in the afternoons.

If you are not familiar with Draw Write Now, you MUST check these little inexpensive books out! If you are an Amazon Prime Member, I have been told you can check them out for FREE.


Here’s how we use the Draw Write Now books for more than just handwriting

  • Grammar I created this free notebook page for my children to use and they are to follow the instructions for marking the nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in each sentence.  The possibilities are endless depending on the level of your child.
  • Spelling – use the words as spelling words.  Compile the words from the whole week and have a test on Friday. Practice spelling words with these free spelling test printables.
  • Art have children use different mediums such as water colors, chalks, or pencil when drawing.
  • History/Science – I have my child research the topic on the computer on a safe site and we read books on the subject if we have any.
  • Vocabulary – look up any unfamiliar word in the dictionary.  We put the vocabulary words in our vocabulary notebook.

All you have to do is add a math, Bible, and phonics program into the mix and you have yourself a FULL curriculum for your K-3 grader.

I bet you never knew homeschooling could be so easy!

Teaching Handwriting is just one of the many perks of the Draw Write Now books.

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