If you are crazy busy and want to learn how to meal plan, you’re at the right place. Being a single mom, it’s super beneficial for me to meal plan and to remain on a strict grocery budget. If I could tell you that I can almost guarantee what my grocery bill will be each week, would you try the easiest meal plan method that I’ve been using for years?

What can it hurt? I’ve created this FREE 3 Week Rotation Mean Planner for you because I know how life is super crazy. This meal planner is super simple to follow. You will make a menu for 3 weeks. You will rotate your desired meals every 3 weeks.

For me, the days don’t matter as much as what meals we are going to eat that particular week. We might eat tacos on Tuesday and chicken on Friday one week, but the next time, we might eat them on a different night. Do whatever works for you.

In the 3 Week Rotation Meal Planner, I tell you exactly how to organize your meals and make a grocery list for your weeks.

5 Reasons you need to Meal Plan

  1. Save MONEY!
  2. Save TIME!
  3. Learn portion control
  4. Avoid Wasting Food
  5. Less Stress in the kitchen

Those are just a few of the big pros of meal planning.

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