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We get all new books, pencils, crayons, and other school supplies. We all seem to have these huge expectations and plans, but towards the end of the first month, back to school is old news. We forget why we were pumped up, so I decided to make things FUN this year to continue the back to school spark despite COVID.

Even though COVID is still an issue and concern we still can make this year fun and educational. I always like to get my student’s input during the first week of school and have them glue their bucket list inside their notebooks.

 These back to school bucket lists are perfect for teachers and homeschoolers to help stay on check. My kids love filling these our on the first day of school.Here’s how the Back to School Bucket List Works

Each one of my children filled out a back to school bucket list so we can refer to the list over the course of the year. There are 3 types of back to school bucket list printables depending on what age range your children fit into.

We added them to our calendar notebook!

I anticipate an exciting year for our family and my students with many FUN learning tasks ahead of us. My children added concepts, handiwork, and field trips to their back to the school bucket list.

This is such a simple way to stay excited during the course of the year about the school year.

I created these Back to School bucket list printables for my email subscribers. Simply fill out the form below and you will instantly receive the printable via email. Please check your spam folder. I create several weekly freebies, so you always have something to look forward to.


Have FUN with the back to school bucket list printables!