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One of the most enjoyable activities in our homeschool are our homeschool nature walks!

Homeschool Nature Wlaks

I know that there is an abundant amount of information about how to make homeschool nature walks spectacular, but this mama keeps it simple.

It’s hot in our neck woods in East Texas, so we really only get to enjoy nature walks in the late Fall and Spring. Don’t get me wrong my children still enjoy learning about nature during the school year, but we use many nature books that we have collected over the years. I actually keep a basket full of colorful nature books in our living room and swtich them out periodically.

I find that my children learn to appreciate God’s creation and retain the sceintific information more so with nature notebooking rather than a science curriculum in the younger years.

Homeschool Nature Walks do not have to be another thing to add to your list, but a simple breathtaking activity that the whole family can enjoy. And here is a secret…..I don’t always make my chidlren complete a nature notebook page when we go for a homeschool nature walk. However, they enjoy creating and adding to their nature notebooks when time permits. So, please do not think your chidlren have to complete a notebook page each time you go outside. Just enjoy it for what it is.

When we go on a nature walk and many times it’s in our own yard, we bring the following items:

  • camera – just my phone
  • jar for collecting bugs
  • bug net
  • magnifying glass (I bought them at the dollar store)
  • brown bag – for collecting leaves, nuts, seeds, rocks, etc.
  • clip board – for writing and drawing notes

Each one of my children have a nature notebook, even the little princess who is only 3. They continue to add to their notebooks each year. They find it fascinating to show off their nature notebooks to grandparents and friends.

Here are the simple notebook pages that my children complete when they create a nature notebook page. I also included several different cover pages for their 3 ring binder notebook. So pick and choose what works best for your children.

Feel free to print as many as you need and share with others, but please direct them to this post.


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Does your family enjoy homeschool nature walks?