One of our favorite things to do as a family is to have a family game night or a family game weekend. We all get giddy going to the local game store that sells games that are not as popular as the games you can get at Walmart. I’ve already decided when I grow up I want to work at a game store.


We own and actually play all of these games. Some are oldies but goodies. The one game that we introduce to all of our friends is Five Crowns. It’s a card game that can be played with 2 players and up to 7 players. You can actually play with 2 games and play with 14 players.

And you MUST check out how to play SWOOP that’s played with regular playing cards.

The latest game we played is Munchkin Disney that is based on the original Munchkin game. Munchkin is a hilarious card game in which players compete to fight monsters, grab the loot and gain enough experience to reach level 10. Initially, all player’s characters begin at level one and must ‘kick down the door’ in a dungeon by drawing a card. Should a player encounter a monster, then they must be able to beat that monster’s level using whatever magic items or spells they have. This edition uses Disney characters.

Here are the 25 TOP Best Family Games

These games are not in any type of order of preference. Some of the games are super quick and some take more time. Notice that Monopoly is not on this list. Even though my gang adores Monopoly, I refuse to play. I detest that game. We have several different Monopoly games that they play without me.

Judge me if you may!

You may ask how do we choose what game to play. Each of us picks a game of choice and then we roll a dice. The one with the highest number picks first. Then the player that wins, picks the next game.

Thank you for sharing this list of family games for others to enjoy.