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I have to admit spring cleaning doesn’t exactly make me giddy to say the least. So I was pondering something that would motivate me to get a little pumped about spring cleaning this weekend.

Money Savings!

spring cleaning

Yes, saving money makes me happy! It can get me super excited! I’m a new single mom that homeschools and works at home. Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to make you blue if you do the following cleaning tips that will help you save money this spring and summer.

Money talks, doesn’t it? Well, it does to this single mama!

9 Ways You Can Save By Initiating Your Spring Cleaning

  1. Make Your Own All Purpose Cleaner. I have been making this for years and it will save you a lot of money and keep your family safe from unhealthy chemicals. Save old rags and towels for cleaning purposes instead of using paper towels. Check out these tips.
  2. Change AC Filter. You can save up to 15% on your cooling costs if you change your air filters every quarter. Air Filters are cheap. Put it on your grocery list now.
  3. Clean Inside Dishwasher. By cleaning the inside of your dirty dishwasher, it will work more efficiently and the dry and rinse cycle will work like a charm. First unplug, wipe down racks and doors with vinegar, clean seal from dirt, and use a toothpick to clean the spinning arms and vents.
  4. Clean Dryer Lint Filter. Make sure you do this every time. Put a note on your dryer. If you get a wild hair, try air drying your clothes outside or on your shower rod.
  5. Clean Refrigerator Coils. This will help your refrigerator to work more efficiently and use less energy. Be sure to unplug first. Use your vacuum or warm soapy water to clean the nasty coils.
  6. Get Rid of Clutter. Grab a box and dump all those items that you have not used in the last year. Immediately put it in your car, so you can drop it off at a second-hand store or donation center. You can use the money for new spring clothing. Excited yet?
  7. Clean Lightbulbs. By dusting the lightbulbs, you will get more light for your money. This is especially important since the light bulb life is much longer than the olden days.
  8. Clean Sliding Glass Door. Makes sure you track is clean of dirt and debris to avoid heat coming in during the hot months.
  9. Clean Ceiling Fans. Dust all ceiling to avoid allergies, so you can utilize the ceiling fans as long as you can before turning on the air in the hotter months. I actually see how long I can wait before I put on our AC for the season.

By doing these few things, you can save money this spring and summer. If the list is overwhelming to you, just pick 2 per week until your list is completed. 

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Do you have any particular spring cleaning task that you dread?