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Yes, I am addicted to getting summer items at the dollar store. I have a list of seasonal items that I like to grab each time I make the FUN trip to my local dollar store.

Here are my TOP Summer Items for a Buck

  • Sunscreen – this is my all time favorite item and 
  • Kites – especially for those beach trips in the breezy evenings
  • Goggles – I buy numerous ones because they are always losing them
  • Sidewalk chalk – practice those spelling words over the summer 
  • Sunglasses – I have bought reader sunglasses
  • Plastic Cups with lids – buy a color for each kiddo
  • Aloe Vera – so soothing after a shower
  • Gardening Tools – my kids love to help garden, so I always buy them their own tools
  • Bubbles 
  • Water Guns – my kids play with these without the water inside, too
  • Sand Toys – leave those dirty sandy pails at the beach and by new ones next time
  • Planting Seeds – flowers are always my favorite ones
  • Flip Flops – for outside or for making your DIY flip flops
  • Bug Spray – keep one in the car and beach bag
  • Lemonade – the kind you put in a bottle water. Keep it in the beach bag and car
  • Seasonal paper goods – they always have FUN ones for a Luau
  • Grill Tools – especially helpful if you are going to camp or picnic, just throw it away at the shore
  • Drinking Strawsiced water always taste better with a colorful straw
  • Popsicle – make your own DIY popsicle version with these plastic popsicle containers
  • Wipes – baby wipes for the beach bag
  • Nail Polish – as long as you put an over coat on, it works great
  • Travel Containers – perfect for vacations or the beach bag
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Jump Ropes – every girl needs to know how to jump rope
  • Festive Plastic Serving Bowls – I usually change these out each season
  • American Flags – to decorate your home or your children’s bikes on 4th of July.

There are so many FUN dollar store items for summer that I purposely have to make a special trip without the kiddos or I’ll end up being in there for hours.

Did I forget any? If so, be sure to leave your favorite summer dollar store item in the comment section.