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Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages can be just what the doctor order for relaxation. It’s a lot cheaper than going on a cruise and safer than taking prescribed drugs.


Have you tried adult coloring to ease stress and increase realxation? Adult coloring pages can be just what you need. I have compiled a list of free adult coloring pages to encourage to try this fun and creative activity. Trust me, it's addicting.

While other activities might amuse you, this activity can be totally FREE and addicting!

“It engages both sides of your brain in that it’s both creative and tactical,” says psychologist Alice Domar, Ph.D., executive director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health in Boston

And it gives you a chance to be totally creative without worrying about what anybody thinks. It’s also a fun activity to partake in with your children. They will marvel that you want to color with them. My 5 year old thinks that I am the coolest mom on the planet.

I like to use sharpies or colored pencils, it just depends on the mood I am in. And my coloring utensils are off limits to my children. They are only for mommy to use. Yes, I’m serious about my markers and colored pencils.

FREE Adult Coloring Pages

Since adult coloring is the new therapy, you can find adult coloring books for sale at many numerous stores.

My suggestion to you is to print a few of the free adult coloring pages to see if it’s adult coloring is all it’s choked up to be, but beware, it’s addicting and so relaxing.

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