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As you all know, I am an English and Language Arts Teacher certified to teach elementary school (EC) through 6th grade, and I homeschooled my older children for years. So, is math my strong suit? Not in the least. Therefore, I was always looking for fun ways to get my children and students to learn and love math. My second oldest son, Mackenzie, is now in college as a marketing major, and he loves math and numbers.

How did I do it? With a little creativity and not being afraid to take on topics that I may not have been comfortable teaching. I would look for free math printables online and homeschooling resources that included videos and workbooks for my kids to use. However, there was always an aspect of lesson prep to providing my children with the information I was teaching.

There are many resources available on the internet that provide a good math education. Through the years, I have used several, and I have even shared some fun math printables with my subscribers.

Children Aren’t Taught, They Learn

One program that I have found to be quite good at providing children from ages 3 to 16 with a truly good understanding of math is the ShillerLearning Program. ShillerLearning’s philosophy on education is very simple – children aren’t taught: they learn. It is ShillerLearning’s goal to help children reach their fullest potential by providing the best learning tools available.

ShillerLearning, founded by Larry Shiller and a member of the Rising Stars Foundation, provides a Montessori-based curriculum to provide a high-quality and effective Montessori education. With the ShillerLearning program, parents do not have to purchase expensive curriculums or worry about lesson preparation. They just have to provide a comfortable and fun learning environment. Shiller Learning does the rest with scripted lessons and multi-sensory resources!

My brother and I love your math! Thank you for making math so much fun. (Cooper, 9 years old)

ShillerLearning provides a stellar Montessori math curriculum at a very reasonable price that is for use in the home. This free Digital Fractions Kit is good for children of any age.

How to Get Your FREE Digital Fractions Kit

ShillerLearning and Blessed Beyond a Doubt are offering a free homeschool digital fractions kit (a $69.00 value). The ShillerLearning Digital Fractions Kit offers everything you need to teach your kids fractions. Click here to claim your Free Digital Factions Kit today!

The free downloads include:

The fractions book, answer guide, and parent guide are all downloadable PDFs for 7 to 15-year-olds (1st through 8th grades). This math kit provides a basic introduction to fractions and teaches the math foundations students need for beginners through advanced fractions. The program includes lessons, math songs, worksheets, and sets of unique ShillerLearning fraction circles. You just supply common supplies, such as some common household items like measuring cups, a ruler, a pencil, and markers. Other common resources and manipulatives that I suggest to facilitate the lessons include: graph paper, whiteboard and dry erase markers, fraction cubes, dominoes, and plastic coins.

ShillerLearning provides a stellar Montessori math curriculum at a very reasonable price that is for use in the home. This free Digital Fractions Kit is good for children of any age.

The book takes serious treatment of this critical subject, and it contains lessons on beginner topics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of fractions; common denominators; dividing wholes into parts; and converting fractions to decimals. It also provides advanced lessons on fraction families, fractions in geometry, inverse numbers, money and fractions, and liquid measure fractions.

The lesson books even include diagnostic tests and review tests to determine at what level your students are working. ShillerLearning provides it all – the full value of Montessori education at a reasonable price that is good for the whole family. ShillerLearning has received the Homeschooling Parent’s Seal of Approval.

Larry Shiller (Founder)

Larry Shiller, a graduate of Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) with a degree in mathematics, started ShillerLearning in 2002. His goal is to help every child reach their full potential by providing the finest possible curriculum for children of any age and use in the home.

ShillerLearning developed the curriculum with help from PCTE (Princeton Center for Teacher Education), a premier American Montessori Society teaching certification program and experts in child learning and psychology.

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