Music is an incredibly important part of life! Why? Because truly God made music! He made the concept of music. He put music into our souls. I would wager a bet that every tribe, nation, and family has had some form of music in their life.

Praise Hymn Inc. has been supplying Bible and music publications to Christian schools and home schools for 47 years. Our God Made Music series covers music concepts, composer stories, instruments of the orchestra, sing-a-long, and classical music.

God Made Music is offered to K-4 through grade 7. Students learn to play the flutophone in God Made Music Grade 3 and learn to play the recorder in God Made Music Grade 4. Praise Hymn Video School is now available for grade 1. The 34 videos teach the 34 lessons in the God Made Music grade 1 student workbook. A free teacher manual PDF and a free student workbook PDF are included in the video order.

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Praise Hymn Bible Series

The Praise Hymn Bible series goes through the Bible chronologically for grades 1-3 and then goes back to Genesis for grades 4-6 adding additional highlights. Children who have been in Bible schools, Sunday schools, Christian schools, and home schools may find a new twist to familiar stories. For instance, have you ever considered who could have come to Methuselah’s birthday party? This Bible study began as a family devotion and from that developed into a Bible curriculum for grades 1-6.

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My favorite perk about Praise Hymn Inc is the fact that children can learn an instrument and the history of music right from the comfort of their own homes. I don’t need to know a thing about music. The videos and student workbooks teach the entire curriculum. I found the teacher guide helpful to me, so I can learn along with my children.

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