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There are an enormous amount of Christmas deals dollar store items that you probably would have not imagined. I love shopping at the dollar stores, but I must have a list in hand, or I will tend to buy things I don’t need.

TIP – do not bring your kiddos to avoid overspending

deals dollar store

I always buy stocking stuffers at the dollar store, too. However, don’t forget to mark the bought items in your Christmas Planner to avoid overspending and buying duplicate items.

These are just a few of the items that I have found to be of good value compared to the other popular chain stores.

The TOP Christmas Deals Dollar Store Items

  • Christmas Pencils for homework or spelling test practice
  • Poms for Crafts in green, red, and white
  • Craft Sticks in red and green
  • Pipe cleaners for crafts – check out the Christmas Pipe Cleaner Crafts
  • Tissue Paper
  • Cheap little bows for kid packages
  • Wrapping Paper

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deals dollar store 2

deals dollar store 3

  • Christmas paper plates and napkins
  • Christmas potholders
  • Christmas hand towels that make cute gifts for teachers
  • Christmas scented and non-scented candles (check out this beautiful Advent tradition that we enjoy)

Your local dollar store will have all these items. Sometimes you have to go to several stores to figure out which dollar store has the best selection of items in your area.

Things are tight for a lot of us this year and I understand how saving every penny counts. Check out our 20 Budget Ideas for an Amazing Christmas.

Did I leave any Christmas deal dollar store items off my list? If so, please leave your favorite items in the comment section.