Pipe Cleaner Christmas Crafts

Pipe cleaners are a craft staple in our home. I purchase them at the dollar store, so I don’t mind when my kiddos want to use a whole package to create jewelry, critters, or holiday decor. We can’t wait to try some of these pipe cleaner Christmas crafts!

Snowy Christmas trees would be a beautiful addition to a Christmas village.

Sparkly chains can pull double duty as New Year’s Eve decor.

feather angel
feather angel would make a beautiful gift for a Sunday School teacher.


Add some shimmer to your tree with beaded icicle ornaments.

wooden beads
These wooden bead ornaments have such a natural beauty.

I remember making beaded candy cane ornaments when I was little.

straw stars
Straw & bead star ornaments can be made in so many color combinations.

pipe cleaner snowflake
We are going to make some of these snowflakes to hang in our Winter Wonderland.

raggedy stars
Repurpose some old clothes into pretty raggedy star ornaments.

Decorate the outdoors with a few bird feeder candy canes.

gift bows
Top your packages with these glittery gift bows.

magnetic tree
magnetic tree will provide hours of fun during Christmas break.

What is your favorite pipe cleaner Christmas craft?