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You all know I am in to simple, but I love to put a little extra love into the simple things in life.

Simple ice cube water! But makes a FUN twist.

I made Ice Cube Water for our guests and they thought I was pretty clever. It was simple, but yet it added a little something special to the iced water I served.

Just follow these simple directions for FUN ice cube water

  • Place pieces of  fruit of your choice in plastic ice cube trays (I used frozen peaches and strawberries)
  • Make it fun and have the fruit stick up in the trays
  • Add water to the top of tray
  • Freeze 
  • Make sure when you pop out the ice cubes to put them in little baggies for later use

Keep it simple, but pretty!

This is a great way to encourage your kiddos to drink water, too. At least mine thought I hung the moon when I served them their pretty ice cube water with a FUN straw.

Just think how fun it will be to make ice cube water with blueberries and strawberries for the 4th of July!

What fruit will you try first when you make ice cube water?