Anyone who has a need to keep their little one entertained while you are busy tending to homeschool, homemaking, or simply taking a shower will appreciate these spring preschool sensory activities.

DIY Preschool Sensory Activitie

My four-year old daughter stays busy with this garden sensory bin for about an hour. Now if you are a more FUN mama than me, feel free to substitute garden soil rather than than the green lentils. I am not brave enough to let her play with dirt inside, since we utilize sensory bins inside.

I bought everything at the local Dollar Tree store, but Hobby Lobby has lots of FUN things, but like always, I am on a strict budget

DIY Garden Preschool Sensory Activities

Here’s what’s included in this spring Garden Sensory Bin:

  • 4 lbs of green lentils
  • plastic flower pots
  • plastic flowers (various ones)
  • poms poms
  • pipe cleaners to make flowers (this is her favorite)
  • garden gloves – she stays busy trying to them on
  • plastic garden tools
  • seed packets
  • cookie cutters – spring type
  • scoops of various sizes
  • flat glass beads
  • little lantern – she enjoys turning on and off
  • and anything else you think might be FUN

I do have this rule that we are not allowed to help her with anything with the sensory bin while we are doing homeschool, so she learns patience and fine motor skills.

You will love all love these FUN month to month sensory bin round up! Tons and Tons of festive ideas!

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