Teaching the main idea and supporting details is one of my favorite concepts to teach. My students were having trouble finding the correct supporting details that supported the main idea. They could find the main idea but were adding details that were not related to the main idea.

Here’s how I cleared up the Main Idea and Supporting Details Misconception with my 5th-grade classes.

I instructed them to turn their main idea into a question. I made them write out the question and then they were to answer that question to find their three supporting details. This little tip helped my students tremendously.  Almost all my students are proficient with the concept, Main Idea and Supporting Details.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate in the classroom I decided to create a simple passage on St. Patrick’s Day traditions. The passage is created for 3-5th graders. The text is rather simple. My whole objective for this passage was to work on Main Idea and Supporting Details along with writing a summary for a non-fiction text. 

I am going to use this free passage and Main Idea and Supporting Details graphic organizer as a warm-up. It’s a great way to determine who needs help with the Main Idea and Supporting Details concept. 

Take a Peek at the Main Idea and Supporting Details Passage Worksheets

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