St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and St. Patrick’s Day printables are on my mind. I’m Irish, and I adore celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with my family and students. So, I created some Parts of Speech Worksheets with a St. Patrick’s Day theme for my third-grade class.

Free Parts of Speech Worksheets for 3rd-6th grade. It's a fun review for students.

When my daughter was in the third grade, she was my guinea pig before I shared my printables with my class. I allowed my students to work in groups for these parts of speech worksheets because they were having a bit of trouble distinguishing what was an adjective verse an adverb.

I found that this Color the Code – Parts of Speech worksheet was an engaging review for my students. So I definitely plan on making more parts of speech worksheets for my students. They really enjoyed this no-prep activity. All they needed was a box of crayons or colored pencils.

I briefly reviewed the definition of what a noun, verb, adjective, and adverb were before they began their parts of speech coloring page. Each part of speech is a different color, and a color key is provided at the bottom of the page for each part of speech. There are a variety of words to represent each part of speech.

Take a Peek

Free Parts of Speech Worksheets for 3rd-6th grade. It's a fun review for students.

Good grammar is very important to teach our students young, so check out my Free Grammar Coloring Worksheets.

In addition to my free worksheets, I have found that sometimes it is fun to add something a little different to the classroom, such as gathering my students together and Madlibs, which are sold everywhere and come in hundreds of different themes. I find Madlibs a great way to teach parts of speech, including the difference between a common noun and a proper nounpronounspresent tense verbs and past tense verbsadjectives, and adverbs. My students really enjoy coming up with creative words to complete the Madlibs story.

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