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I love making adorable homemade gifts for friends, family, and teachers.  I made these themed clipboards  years ago for everybody.  I customized them to fit each individuals interest.

I think they were a big hit!

Very inexpensive ~ especially if you are one of those obsessed scrapbook queens.



1. Go to Walmart and buy a basic clipboard in the office supply section.

2. Decide on a theme ~ use stickers, scrapbook paper, and acrylic paint.

3. Paint entire clipboard with acrylic paint except for the metal part. Let Dry. You might want to add a second coat. Since, I am impatient I used my blow dryer to speed up the drying time.

4. Decide if you want to use some scrapbook paper or not. This clipboard I did not, but when I do, I usually leave a border so the paint will show. Then I use Mod podge on both sides.

5. Add stickers or die cuts if you want to be creative.

6. Then I use Mod podge on both sides.

PLEASE NOTE ~ put on very very light ~ if you put it on too thick it will bubble up the paper. Let dry.

7. Then you can add any sort of doo dad. I added sticky notes ~ apply with gorilla glue.

8. I add ribbon, yard, fuzzy stuff or whatever I have to decorate the metal clip part.

9. I add a pen and tie it with string/yarn to the metal part. I must admit this clipboard is by far not the most creative one I have made.

It was very simple. The creative ideas are enormous. So put your creative cap on.

These are just a few that I made the last year..

  • Teacher theme
  • Army theme
  • basketball theme
  • baby shower theme bug theme one
  • Texas theme

All you homeschooling Moms that have clipboards in your car for each one of your children ~ these are perfect.