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Do you have a reluctant reader that does not like summer reading?

This simple tip will encourage your children to read during the summer months.

Instilling the love of reading in my children has always been a priority to me.

But a bit of a challenge for me.

Each afternoon right after lunch while I am doing the noon dishes, the children all curl up in their special spots in the living room and grab a book from the book basket.

We set the timer for 15 minutes.

I put various different books in the basket ranging from picture books to chapter books usually relating to a themed topic.  Sometimes it’s a topic we are studying in history, science, or something I just want them to be exposed to, but just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Book Basket time is purely for enjoyment.

It’s considered a treat in our house.

I do not require them to report to me what they read, but you can guarantee they always are quick to tell me something exciting they read.

I always give them a few minutes to tell me and often ask them a question for them to search for tomorrow.

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Book Basket Time Rules:

  • No talking or you will be excused
  • You may trade in your book for another at anytime
  • Only books from the basket are to be read
  • You can call a book for tomorrow if you still have it when the buzzer rings

You can put any type of books in your basket.  This is a great way to keep your child reading during the summer, too.

A few of the topics we will be reading this summer will be Ancient History, Math living books, character, and Nature topics.

And I just might invest in a new basket since ours has seen better days!

Here is the FREE Summer Reading program lists!

How do you keep your child reading in the summer?