My fifth graders are having trouble writing a detailed paragraph, so I decided to make a How to Catch a Turkey Writing Assignment for them. It’s so important that students learn how to write different types of paragraphs before they start on writing more lengthy compositions. Too often students just don’t know how to write a detailed paragraph correctly. I usually spend the first half of the year working on this task. So, by Thanksgiving time, they have pretty much mastered paragraph writing. I often have them use their spelling or vocabulary word lists each week to write a paragraph in centers. It’s killing two birds with one stone.

It’s such joy as a teacher to see the lightbulb go off when they finally get it. Once they interpret the task, writing is so much more pleasurable for them. I encourage you to make sure your students understand how to write a good descriptive narrative paragraph.

After we read the book, How to Catch a Turkey, I told the students that they were going to create their own directions on how to catch a Turkey. We did each printable on a different day, so it wouldn’t be so overwhelming. You know how crazy the week before and week of Thanksgiving is. We all are ready for the break to say the least.

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