What does this teacher do during the summer when her babies are at their dad’s house for a month?

You guessed it, right!

Read, read, and read to my little heart’s delight.

free reading jounral

Yes, I’m a book nerd!

It’s my therapy and it’s cheaper than wine or any other escape.

I wanted to create some sort of way that I could keep track of all my reads on paper. I didn’t want anything elaborate, so I created my own reading journal.

And of course, I wanted to share it with all my readers. After all, you all are the ones that inspired me to create such an interesting TBR book list that includes various genres. 

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I have discovered so many wonderful books and authors that I’ve never known about by following Mom’s Advice Club over the years. The facebook group is filled with interesting reads and great deals. 

Take a Peek at my free Reading Journal

Free reading jounral

How to Start a Reading Journal

  1. Simply print as many pages of the reading journal as you need.
  2. I like to place my reading journal in a three-ring binder. I know some friends that have printed their reading journals and have taken it to their local office supply store to get bound.
  3. I prefer to highlight quotes and key points in my reading books with a non-bleed highlighter.  
  4. I like to write my notes in my reading journal with a mechanical pencil. I stock up on the pencils during the back to school sales.

<<<Print Your Reading Journal Today>>>

And if you’re still on the fence about starting your very own reading journal, then read the following article why all avid bookworms need to start a reading journal.

There are so many amazing reasons why you need to start your very own personal reading journal today. You will be able to benefit from your personal reading journals for years to come.

Thank you for sharing this free reading journal post with others to enjoy.

free reading journal