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With each new year, all these ideas for resolutions to lose weight and get fit bombard the Internet.

How can a mom stay fit? When can she find the time? How can she motivate the kids to maintain a lifestyle of fitness?

Moms have to be good examples.

I just want to lie around and read and drink tea and direct the household from my sofa throne. This is a momarchy, after all.

My husband gets up early every day and goes to the base gym before work.

I don’t have the option to go away from home to the gym alone – or my family and schedule suffer. Zumba classes would be laughable for my uncoordinated self. At the base gym, they do have a room for moms with little ones – but with inferior equipment and germy broken plastic toys behind a chain-link fence. Also? I like to sleep in until at least 7 AM.

As a work at home mom, I have to get creative to fit in the fitness.

How to Fit in Fitness

And it can’t cost anything. Or take up much space. Or take time away from homeschooling. Bonus if the kids can do it with me.

5 Ways to Promote Family Fitness

1. Get Outside Together.

Go for a run, walk, hike, or a pickup ball game at the neighborhood park. The kids love the together time and it’s actually fun to act like a kid again. Play tag at the park. Go roller blading. Soak up the sunshine and laugh. Kids need to see Mama having fun once in a while.

2. Play Active Inside Games.

When the weather sucks, it’s easy to lie around and feel sorry for yourself. Instead of giving in to the laziness, get active indoors!

The Wii is a favorite to compete at Just Dance or other fun activities. Many retro games can be accomplished indoors, safely, and in tight spaces. Hopscotch, hula, jump rope, frog jumping, monster walking. Have a contest or use a timer. DANCE. Put on some fun music and learn some moves!

3. Yoga.

It’s simple (as long as you don’t fall over and knock over any furniture). It doesn’t take up space. It doesn’t seem like it’s a lot of work, but oh, is it hard to stay balanced! You’ll be sore. Check out some videos online or DVDs from the library to get started. Great for stress relief and strength/balance training. Good for laughs as you try to contort yourself into fun pretzel shapes.

4. Start a Fitness Club.

Get together with other moms and families to tag team with fitness fun. You can meet at a local park, gym, playground, at each other’s houses. Start a PE class at a homeschool co-op or church. It’s good to have accountability. See our fitness club here. There are also classes for Mommy and Me if your kids are young – yoga, pilates, tumbling, even Crossfit has family classes!

5. Change Your Lifestyle.

Do you need to make diet changes? Do you need to cut chemicals in your food and cleaners? Does a family member have recurring illness or even attention issues? Exercise can help! It encourages the whole family to get healthier in all sorts of ways. We lost weight, feel better, have more energy, and take no medications anymore (not typical and I don’t recommend going off anything you’re prescribed without consulting your physician).

Do you have any creative ways to fit in fitness in your homeschool?

Some fitness ideas: Follow Jennifer Lambert (Royal Little Lambs)’s board Fitness on Pinterest.