I lost weight years ago on Weight Watchers.  It took me a little over a year to lose my desired weight, but I didn’t exercise.  I have about the same to lose, but this time I am exercising at least 3x per week.  Read more on my exercising here. I have been hesitant to start back up on WW due to my strong convictions in whole foods rather than the fat free eating philosophy.   Weight Watchers now supports the whole food benefits. I looked into doing weight watchers on-line, but I hate to pay when I am fairly familiar with the program.  So, I believe I can do it for free by doing a little research on the net.  YIPeeee!  I do recommended joining WW if you are new to WW or just need the accountability.  However, I have an accountability partner, ChristineScentsy is the tangible motivator in all of this…whoever drops 10% first will delight in some new scents.
Here are a few sites that I have found helpful in my weight loss plan.  
Laaloah ~ tons of WW recipes and a free menu trackers.
Over my weight loss journey, I will be posting tips, recipes, and my struggles and joys. 
Do you have a tip, link, or recipes that has aided you in your weight loss program?


I can  do all things through him who strengthens me.  Phil 4:13