I absolutely have no excuse to not walk these days.  I have the ideal scenario.  Despite the ice on the ground, I was able to get my intense 1 mile walk in by just popping in my dvd.  My dh works from home and is willing to man the chaos of the morning while I go in the bedroom and do my ‘thing”
I will admit, I despise exercising, it’s not fun for me, nor do I feel this gust of energy after wards.  Never have, probably never will.  However, I want to lose weight and be able to see my grandchildren someday.  I have set a very doable goal for myself.  For the month of January, my goal was to walk 1 mile 3 days per week.  I exceeded that goal, except I missed one day.  Oh well…try harder this current month.  Not going to throw in the ringer for missing one day.  Each month I succeed my goal, my reward will be a new video or some sort of work out attire.   Since I almost reached my goal, I got a new video.  This is a much more intense 1 mile workout than the 1 mile one I was currently doing here.  I enjoyed that dvd due to the weights that was included with the dvd.  However, I used my own personal music selection or talking audio during my walk.
I have lost about 5 lbs which isn’t saying much since I have gained weight over the holidays.  But the key is….to move forward and focus on my goal.

Do you have any workout videos that you rely on?