This post was sponsored by Boys & Girls Clubs of America as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

My one word for 2017 is health.

I’m working on improving my physical, mental, and spiritual mindset. Part of my goal is to train my children to live healthy lives, too.

Making small changes that can develop into livelong habits can make a significant difference in our children’s future. It’s never too late to start.

Be sure to grab your free health game plan for your kids for 2017. This is an awesome resources with lots of ideas and activities for your entire family.

I’ve discovered that the more healthy food and less junk I buy, the more fruit and veggies my children will eat. It’s just common sense. They will eat what is available. We also talk often about making healthy choices for when they are at school and restaurants. I try to encourage my children to fill half their plates with veggies and fruits. 

Be sure to grab your free health game plan for your kids for 2017. This is an awesome resources with lots of ideas and activities for your entire family.

Also, we take turns taking our dog for a walk instead of simply letting him out in the fenced backyard area. This allows us to get fresh air and exercise on a daily basis. 

We are also choosing to spend more time at the park instead of pounding away on electronics; we have simply been enjoying the outside together as a family.

“I FEEL BETTER WHEN” is a popular theme for Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  This simple theme stresses how small, daily, behavioral changes can have a lasting impact on children’s lives. Triple Play, the wonderful Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of America’s health and wellness program, is targeting these types of healthy lifestyle changes at a young age.

Won’t you consider including your family’s own “I feel better when” submission for the new year? I’ve been educated myself by reading books on health, happiness, and encouragement, and in turn, my children and I have been having some great health conscious conversations this year. It’s a joy to train my children in good health and establishing healthy habits. At supper time, I love to share with my children what I’ve gleaned in my daily reading. 

Did you know?

Triple Play is BGCA’s leading and far-reaching health and wellness program that reaches young people at Boys & Girls Clubs, serving them the tools and awareness necessary to put them on the roadway to a successful future.

What is even greater is your family can take advantage of this wonderful free Triple Play game plan, too. There’s a lot of helpful tips on how you can make healthy changes and incorporate activities that will reap health benefits for your entire family.

The Triple Play Parents Game Plan offers a holistic approach with three focus areas:

  • Mind: Develops a knowledge base for young people to acquire healthy habits, such as making smart food choices, understanding appropriate portion sizes and creating fun and balanced meals.
  • Body: Promotes young people becoming more physically active through fun daily fitness, including activities to get kids active and moving.
  • Soul: Strengthens interpersonal skills, emphasizes positive behavior and good character through social recreation programs and activities.

Be sure to grab your free Triple Play game plan today. 

So much gratitude goes to the national support from the Amerigroup Foundation and Coca-Cola, making it possible for Boys & Girls Clubs around the country to operate Triple Play.

Making small healthy changes in your family’s lifestyle can cement life-long healthy habits for our children. I’m always thrilled to hear about programs and challenges that offer healthy education and activities like Triple Play in Boys & Girls Clubs has throughout the country.

What healthy change have you made for your family this year?