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I used to love playing with plastic Easter eggs as a child. I instilled one of my childhood passions into my kids.

plastic easter eggs

I also love the fact that you can purchase those colorful plastic eggs so cheaply. In fact, I saw them at the dollar store yesterday. They had some really cute ones.

The princess is still working on her number recognition during our homeschool days with the plastic Easter eggs I made last week for her.

What you Need

  • Plastic Eggs
  • Sharpie
  • Print the Digraph Words Printable

Break the eggs apart. and write the digraph on the wider part of the egg with a black sharpie, then write the rest of the words on the larger part of the egg. I made the digraph printable, so you could quickly put together this FUN Easter Egg activity.

How to Make digraph Easter eggs!

It’s such a simple activity to make, but my son has a blast with it. I let him play with them during my spring cleaning time, too.

Don’t forget to stock up on plastic eggs after Easter for next year’s activities. You can get them next to nothing.

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