FREE Instilling Biblical Character Ebook! Christian Education in the Home!

A FREE ebook - Christian Education in the home!

Christian education in the home is not only imperative, but a commandment.

In August, I hosted a Mommy Time Facebook Party on the topic, Biblical Character Training.  Instilling Biblical Character: 100+ Tips and Resources is the product of all the Q & A’s and recommended resources that were discussed during the informative hour.

The following helpful questions will be answered in Instilling Biblical Character:

  • What is biblical character training?
  • How do you train your children in biblical character when you are working on it yourself?
  • How do you teach children to love prayer?
  • What are your favorite books on character besides the Bible?
  • What’s the best way to get the children’s attention for school/chores when they are engrossed in play?
  • What are some ways to encourage biblical character training?

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I  pray this is a helpful resource to you and your family for training your children in strong Christian education and biblical character.

Thank you for being diligent in raising your children His way!  

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  1. Audra Silva says:

    Thank you! I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  2. Had trouble opening to save. Gave me expired notice. Will have to try again later as I am really looking forward to it. Thanks!

    • Jeniver, Please let me know if you are unable to get it to open. There has been some trouble today.

    • i also could not save or open, each time i tried, a mystart page came up ……

      • I have changed the link, so it should work great now. You might have to unlike and like again, I’m not sure.

        I believe you could not save before because you had to create a FREE account, but no worries now.

        So sorry! I hope you enjoy the book!

  3. Still cannot open it today. It only allows you to pin it.

  4. I don’t have facebook but am interested in the Instilling Biblical Character book.

  5. Its very important to raise children with spiritual values, even if they depart the form hey will adhere to the basic principles and always look towards the light.

  6. i love this 🙂 thank you very much

  7. Lenasledge says:

    Thanks for the free ebook.

  8. Pamela Kuhn says:

    If we fail to teach our children character, we have failed them. It’s a joy to see my daughter and husband work diligently on it, too. I’ll be passing the link for your book on to her.

  9. Thanks! I’m looking forward to reading it!

  10. Thanks for the free book! 🙂

  11. any other way to get this if I don’t have facebook?

  12. Is this book still available?? I followed the instructions but could not get it to download. Thank you!!

  13. I can’t view it…is it not compatible with mac os?

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I’m pinning it to our Thrifty Thursday board–thanks for linking up and feel free to do that any time! 😉

  15. I’m already on your list, but I don’t believe I have this book. I would like to get it. When I tried to sign up it sent me to an unsubscribe page.

  16. For some reason it will not let me sign up for your newsletter and receive the ebook. When I fill out my name and email it takes me to a page to unsubscribe? I must be doing something wrong. Maybe it is time for me to go to sleep! 🙂

  17. Thanks so much for sharing! I look forward to reading and following! 🙂

  18. Hi! I am already a subscriber and it will not allow me to view this book except to pin it. Any suggestions? Is it available on Amazon?

  19. Daniela says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this book with all of us. I am looking forward to read it. Many blessings

  20. Diana Molina says:

    Hi, I’m a long time subscriber and receive your emails. But, I always find it really hard to figure out where to click to get the freebies you post… I just even resubscribed to see if I can get the freebies in a link lol please help. I’m trying to get this ebook and also the Free Middle School Book Report Forms for all books. Thanks in advance for your help. BTW: this is not the only site I have this problem with. There are several sites I subscribe to that I have the same problem with because their are so many links and none specify where to click to get freebie. 🙂

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