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Christian education in the home is not only imperative, but a commandment.

In August, I hosted a Mommy Time Facebook Party on the topic, Biblical Character Training.  Instilling Biblical Character: 100+ Tips and Resources is the product of all the Q & A’s and recommended resources that were discussed during the informative hour.

The following helpful questions will be answered in Instilling Biblical Character:

  • What is biblical character training?
  • How do you train your children in biblical character when you are working on it yourself?
  • How do you teach children to love prayer?
  • What are your favorite books on character besides the Bible?
  • What’s the best way to get the children’s attention for school/chores when they are engrossed in play?
  • What are some ways to encourage biblical character training?

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I  pray this is a helpful resource to you and your family for training your children in strong Christian education and biblical character.

Thank you for being diligent in raising your children His way!  

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