9 HOT Pool Toys For Kids this Summer

I love the the lazy summer days. We stay up late watching movies together, sleep in, and swim most afternoons. Being a single work at home mom allows me to make our main meal at noon and just have sandwiches for supper after an afternoon at the pool.

Here are the 9 hot pool toys for kids. This will keep them busy this summer.

There have been many summers that we have bought a framed large pool for our backyard instead of swimming at a public pool. This worked best for our family when I had little ones that took an afternoon nap. The pool typically would last us two whole summers. It was worth every dime.

Pool days are always more fun when the kids have entertaining pool toys for kids to keep them busy. 

I usually only buy (1) pool toy at a time for a reward for book reading per child. I refuse to allow my kids to be on electronics all day. Yes, I’m one of those meanies! This encourages my children to read more during the day while still enjoying physical activities. It’s a win for all. 

Here are the 9 HOT Pool Toys for Kids

SwimWays Star Wars Light-up Lightsaber Dive Sticks

Pool Dive Coins & Jewels 14 Piece Toy Set

POOF Pool Toys Hot Potato Splash

POOF Bubba The Bottom Feeder


Light Up Beach Ball with Color Changing LED Lights

Water Sports Itza Floaty Pong Backyard and Pool Game

Spot it! Splash Card Game

Set of 12 Water Squirting Emoji Face Squeezable Rubber Novelty Stress Balls

A few of these HOT Pool Toys for Kids should keep them busy this summer. Don’t forget to reapply their sunscreen. My kids get so preoccupied that we often forget to reapply, so I have to set my alarm on my phone. 

Be sure to check out the 25+ best dollar store items for summer. I can usually always find something to entertain them with for a few hours, too.

Which hot pool toys for kids do you think your child would love to play with this summer?

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