Since the onset of Covid-19, we have noticed a trend of many people going on staycations instead of vacations the past couple of summers. We have also seen a trend of above-ground pools of all types and sizes selling out at stores. Also, people will want to be able to cool off in their own pool instead of going to public pools.

This past October, my husband and I actually bought a new house with a pool in our backyard. We are so excited about getting to enjoy some needed relaxation this summer in our own pool, including having pool parties and BBQ’ing with our family and friends.

As a school teacher, I have my summers off to do two of my favorite things – relax and read a good book. I love the lazy summer days when I can lounge poolside and read on my waterproof Kindle from Amazon. We stay up late watching movies together, sleep in, and swim most afternoons.

Looking forward to summer and time in the pool? Here is a list of the 25 hottest pool toys for kids and adults.

Pool days are always more fun when the kids have entertaining pool toys to keep them busy. I have also found some great adult toys, too, such as durable bluetooth speakers that float in the water so you can enjoy your favorite tunes.

As a reward for reading a book, I usually only buy (1) pool toy at a time for each book read per child. I refuse to allow my kids to be on electronics all day. Yes, I’m one of those meanies! This encourages my children to read more during the day while still enjoying physical activities. It’s a win for all!

Continue reading below for some great ideas for what to get to enjoy in your own pool this summer. This is not an advertisement, but suggestions based on what I have found that my own kids have enjoyed when swimming.

Here are the 25 of the HOTTEST Pool Toys for Kids & Adults

Inflatable Swimming Pool- 122 x 70 x 27 inches

For those of you who may not have a pool, but have the space in your yard, fret not. Your kids will have plenty of summer fun in this large inflatable swimming pool. Before my husband and I bought our house with a pool, our kids splashed around in our inflatable pool for hours. The pool is made of durable PVC material, and it can hold up to 5 to 7 people. The pool is equipped with three separate air chambers. Don’t forget to get an air pump to inflate the air chambers.

Waterproof Floatable Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Lights, Portable Speaker IPX7

The IPX7 waterproof, floatable bluetooth speaker comes highly rated as an Amazon’s Choice for floating speakers. The speaker is good up to 3-feet of immersion for 30 minutes underwater with its rugged and durable design. The speaker has crystal clear quality sound with wide-ranging adjustable volume. The speaker comes with rechargeable batteries for up to 8-hours of playtime. The LED light system provides 7 different light-changing themes and slow and fast flashing light modes. Best of all, it comes with a built-in microphone so you won’t have to miss a call while in the pool.

 Waterproof Paperwhite Kindle, 8 GB Memory

I absolutely love reading on my Paperwhite Kindle, and this year I can enjoy a good book while either lounging poolside or on my float in the pool. I don’t even need to worry about being splashed by my kids. The waterproof Paperwhite Kindle is another one of Amazon’s Choice items. The Kindle comes with a glare-free display that reads like real paper even in bright sunlight. A single charge on the battery lasts up to six (6) weeks, based on a half-hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at 13. Of course, battery life will vary based on light settings and wireless usage. The Kindle has been tested to withstand immersion in 2 meters of freshwater for 60 minutes.

IOKUKI Pool Toys 16” Inflatable LED Light Up Beach Ball

For some added night-time enjoyment, try the IOKUKI Inflatable LED Light Up Beach Ball. These glow-in-the-dark balls have strong LED lights that can change up to 13 different colors with the remote control. There are also 4 different lighting modes, including strobe, flashing, fade, and smooth, as well as 10 brightness settings. The ball inflation valve is designed to provide enjoyment for more than a week without any leaks. The IOKUKI light-up beach balls also come in a 4-pack for added pleasure.

GoSports Splash Hoop PRO Swimming Pool Basketball Game

For those of you with room poolside for a basketball hoop, this is another Amazon’s Choice. The basketball hoop comes with everything you need, including 2 basketballs and a pump for inflating the balls. Compared to setting up other poolside basketball hoops, this hoop is actually very easy to assemble, and it comes with a weighted base so your kids can slamdunk the ball. Take the exciting action of basketball from the court to the pool and beat the heat!

GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game

For those of you, like me, who may not have the room for a poolside basketball hoop, or whose kids prefer a floating basketball hoop, the GoSports Floating Hoop is perfect. It provides 360-degrees of basketball fun. As with the poolside hoop, this also comes with 2 basketballs and a pump. The hoop is built to withstand all the splashing that comes with pool basketball. the sturdy frame ensures maximum fun in the pool!

GoSports Splash Net PRO Pool Volleyball Net 

Maybe your kids prefer volleyball over basketball, or they just want a change of games with their friends. The GoSports Pool Volleyball Net is a great choice and an Amazon’s Choice. Similar to the basketball hoop, the volleyball net is easy to assemble, and it comes with 2 balls and a pump. The net straps can be adjusted for any sized pool with a maximum width of 25 feet. The water-weighted bases keep your net upright and prevent tipping over for hours of splashing fun in the pool.

GoSports Splash Net Air, Inflatable Pool Volleyball Game

As another option, for above-ground or smaller pools, GoSports also offers an inflatable pool volleyball game, too. The inflatable net comes with 2 balls, one large and one standard size ball, as well as a pump (do you notice a trend here?). The Splash Net Air is 9.5 ft. wide and designed to float in the pool and resist tipping over thanks to the sturdy base for added stability. The base is equipped with rapid valve inflation for faster set-up compared to standard valves. Of course, this is Amazon’s Choice.

Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Inflatable Pool Float

Want to relax in the pool? I love my Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Inflatable Pool Float. It is so easy to get on and off of this hammock float, and it is good for people up to 6-feet tall. For larger people, there is also an XL version; and, if you want to relax next to your special someone or one of your kiddos, there is a hammock built for 2. The hammocks come in a wide array of color choices.

Aqua Stingray Underwater Glider

The Aqua Stingray Underwater Glider is brightly colored, self-propelled, and can travel over 60-feet. The stingray can do amazing tricks, such as spirals and boomerangs for added underwater pleasure. The stingray’s wings are adjustable to create different gliding patterns.

Water Sports Swim Thru Rings (3 Pack)

Do your kiddos love to swim underwater and do tricks in the pool? Then they will love the Water Sports Swim Thru Rings. Each ring is 31-inches in diameter and is collapsible for easy storage. The rings unfold easily and take seconds to inflate so you can get right to the swimming pool games, and each pool hoop has adjustable air chambers allowing you to vary the underwater depth.

Banzai Pool Time Dive Rings (6-pack)

The Banzai Pool Time Dive Rings are brightly colored so that they are easy to see underwater and make for hours of summer fun. Your kids can make up their own games by using the dive rings with the swim-through rings.

SwimWays Inflatable Baby Spring Octopus Pool Float

Do you have a little one at home and want to get them in the water, too? The SwimWays Inflatable Baby Spring Octopus Pool Float is your choice. The float comes with a removable canopy to protect your little one from the sun’s rays, and it comes with an activity center that includes a rattle, teether, squeaker, stacking rings, and soft-touch star. The pool float provides a wide base, dual inflation valves, and child-safety valves for comfort and stability throughout.

HITOP Water Guns for Kids Squirt Water Blaster Guns

The HITOP Water Blaster Guns for kids are medium-sized guns that hold up to 10-ounces of water for complete summer fun. These toy guns have a cool design that kids will love, and they shoot water up to 27-feet – just pump and shoot. They are also very easy to fill underwater. Be careful, though, as your kids may just decide to soak you from the pool when you are not paying attention. LOL!

SwimWays Star Wars Light-up Lightsaber Dive Sticks

Okay, now for all you Star Wars lovers out there, here are the SwimWays Star Wars Light-up Lightsaber Dive Sticks just for you. The lightsabers come in green for Yoda and blue for Luke Skywalker. The 6-inch dive sticks are water-activated and light up for underwater Jedi training. May the underwater Force be with you!

2.4G Remote Control Shark Toy 1:18 Scale High Simulation Shark

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water! This remote-controlled shark will provide your kids with plenty of fun this summer. The 13.5-inch shark was ranked as one of the hottest pool toys in 2020. The shark uses a built-in rechargeable 3.7V 320mAh li-po battery and comes with a USB charging cable. The shark can swim 20min on a fully charged battery (which takes 30 minutes to charge). The controller uses 2 AAA batteries (not included). It is perfect for children and adults!

Ultimate Skip Ball – Water Bouncing Ball

The Ultimate Skip Ball is one of the hottest pool toys of 2022, and the set comes with a FREE skipping disc. The set comes in blue and red or blue and yellow. These balls have a very durable design with the toughest stitching on the market. Kids will have so much fun with these skip balls.

Xtreme Cyclone 9-Inch Water Sport and Swimming Pool Football

The Xtreme Cyclone football comes in two different color schemes – blue and green or red and yellow. It is constructed with an inflatable bladder and a lightweight foam layer all covered in a water-resistant tricot fabric. Poolmaster also offers an 8.5-inch game ball.

Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Magic Mermaid Doll

For your young Barbie lovers, here is a fantastic Barbie mermaid doll with rainbow hair and tail that changes color in water. Fairytale lovers will have so much fun transforming Barbie doll’s look and taking her on enchanted undersea adventures!

heytech 25 Pack Dive Pool Toys

The heytech 25 pack dive pool will provide hours of pool-time fun for your kids. The pack comes with foam blasters, diving rings, torpedos, diving sticks, pufferfish, and diving gems. The toys are brightly colored with numbered point values to enhance gameplay in the water.

CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Pool Toys Game for Kids

The CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Pool Toy comes with 2 fishing poles, 2 nets, and plenty of sea creatures for your children to catch.

Force1 Wave Speeder RC Boat for Kids

Kids will not have to worry about the Force1 Wave Speeder remote-controlled boat getting stuck in the middle of a lake, as it is small enough to use in your pool. The Wave Speeder RC toy boat races across the water with powerful dual motors; take control of this RC boat with the included 2.4GHz remote from as far as 160 feet; the 4-channel remote allows you to drive multiple RC boats at once without interference. It is the perfect remote control boat for pools. The high-capacity battery allows uninterrupted water play fun of up to 20 minutes for every 90-minute charge. The Wave Speeder comes in blue and red.

GoSports Floating Water Polo Game Set

Here is another sport set from GoSports – the floating GoSports Water Polo set. This water polo set comes with one net, 3 balls, and a pump. As with every GoSports product, this water polo net is made of very durable PVC materials, and it measures 4-feet wide and 2-feet tall. If you’re looking to bring new excitement to your backyard pool then look no further than the GoSports Water Polo Goal!

Watermelon Ball JR Underwater Pool Toy

As I was researching the pool toys to list in this post, the Watermelon Ball JR Underwater Pool Toy kept appearing as an Amazon’s Choice pool toy. This pool ball is designed to be used underwater so your kids can dribble it like a basketball, pass it to each other, and dive underwater to get it. The Watermelon Ball JR can be passed up to 8 ft underwater. To fill Watermelon Ball, you must attach the included hose adapter to your hose. The ball comes with filling needles and detailed instructions on how to inflate.

Pool Floats for Kids

Don’t forget the pool floats for the kiddos! Amazon offers numerous different styles of pool floats for kids, from simple multi-colored rings, inflatable boogie boards, various animal rings, an inflatable space shuttle, and even a banana. Be sure to visit Amazon to check out all the different floats for kids.

A few of these HOT Pool Toys should keep everyone busy this summer. Don’t forget to reapply their sunscreen. My kids get so preoccupied that we often forget to reapply, so I have to set my alarm on my phone.

Be sure to check out the 25+ best dollar store items for summer. I can usually always find something to entertain them with for a few hours, too.

Which hot pool toys for kids do you think your child would love to play with this summer?