Top 5 Different Uses and Benefits of Epsom Salt


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There are so many different uses and benefits of Epsom Salt with many great benefits for health and beauty like foot soaks, face cleansers, and even for sunburns.

I have been loving all the natural ways to take care of myself. Did you know that Epsom Salt has magnesium in it? This is what makes this a great and natural way to take care of aches and pains.

5 Benefits  and Uses of Epson Salt that you might not have thought of. Which one will you try first?

No home should be without it. It’s a very budget friendly product that you can get just about anywhere you shop – Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc.

Top 5 Different Uses And Benefits Of Epsom Salt

Household Cleaning:  Mix Epsom salt with any liquid dish soap, then dab onto soiled areas and start scrubbing. Helps to remove grime in hard-to-reach corners of your kitchen and bathroom without a lot of hard scrubbing, making cleaning a breeze.

Face Cleanser:  Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Epsom salt with your regular face cream. Massage into skin and rinse.  I like to do this a few times a week before going to bed.

Foot Soak: This is one of my favorite ways to use Epsom salt to help soothe aches and discomfort in your feet. It helps with relaxation because Epsom salt has magnesium in it,  so add a few drops of your favorite essential oils and soak away.

Epsom Salt Bath:  Fill up your bathtub, and add a cup of Epsom salt. The magnesium in it helps to draw out all the stress and to help relax you before going to bed. Add 10 drops of lavender or stress away oils. I like to soak for about 20 mins.

Sunburn: Mix 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt and 1 cup of water with 5 drops of lavender essential oils. Put this in a spray bottle, shake well and spray on the burned area. This helps to heal the burn. This works really well on minor burns.

I admit, I’m kinda addicted to finding different uses for every day frugal products. My favorite is the numerous uses for dryer sheets. Who would have known, huh?

Do you have any other ways to use Epson Salt? I have even used it for crafts.

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