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Essential oil help needed....Is it right for your family?

What’s the truth about essential oils? So you are wondering if Essential Oils are right for your family. Trust me, when it comes to my children’s health, I tend to be a little over the edge.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I don’t like change either. It takes me out of my comfort zone. Essential Oils will change your family’s lives.

I want the very best for my children. And I am sure every parent under the sun feels the same way. I want them to strive and be healthy so they can be exactly what God designed them to be. And I want to be the wife, mother, and servant God designed me to be.

If you are wondering what the rage is about how lovely essential oils, I highly encourage you to research, research, and research.

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*Please note: These reason only apply to pure essential oils, such as, Young Living.

These are the 11 TOP Reasons Why Our Family Started Our Essential Oil Journey

  1. Essential Oils are NATURAL. God made these non-patented oils. Drugs are man-made.
  2. Essential Oils strengthen the Immune System. Drugs depress the Immune System.
  3. Essential Oils multidimensional, meaning they ADAPT to the body’s changes, such as, lowering blood pressure.
  4. Essential Oils are BALANCING to the body and addresses the causes of disease. Drugs only trade one kind of disease for another.
  5. Essential Oils DETOXIFY and drugs toxify by clogging and confusing receptor sites.
  6. Essential Oils are so tiny in molecular size that they QUICKLY penetrate the skin.
  7. Essential Oils can be used for cleaning and DISINFECTING your household.
  8. Essential Oils DO NOT INTERFERE with most medications, and we are gradually ditching the drugs.
  9. Essential Oils have been used for thousands of YEARS for their positive health, cosmic, and emotional healings.
  10. Essential Oils are extremely powerful ANTIOXODANTS.
  11. Essential Oils are HETERGENEOUS which means they can diverse and perform several different functions. This truly is one of the beauties of these blessings.

After you research Young Living Oils, talk with your husband, and be in prayer over the investment, time, and learning curve that will transform your family’s health for a lifetime.

If God is telling you to make a change, I would love to discuss the wonders of Essential Oils and send you some information before you make the initial investment.

essential oils help needed

However, if you are certain about becoming a Young Living Essential Oil member, and want to get started, click here.

I bought the Everyday Oil Collection initially for our family’s first aid needs. It’s a great way to get your feet wet with Young Living Essential Oils. I know how overwhelming all the different oils can be when you are beginning the journey. I want to  answer your questions and hold your hand through your new journey.