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I am all about being creative when it comes to finding uses for normal household items. I am on a dryer sheet uses kick right now. I am amazed with the results!

dryer sheet uses

I kinda have a love hate relationship with dryer sheets. I love the way they smell and make our clothes feel, but they irk me when I find them on the floor. I just knew there had to be something clever to do with those gazillion inexpensive dryer sheets that I find all over the house.

Dryer sheets are very inexpensive compared to other household items. You can even buy the off brand and they work like a charm. Simply just store them in a bag above the dryer instead of tossing them. Depending on the task, some of these dryer uses can tackle the issue with a used dryer sheet. You will just have to test it out to see if it does the job according to your preferences.

17 Clever Dryer Sheet Uses

  • Put them in your suitcases. Your clothes will smell wonderful when you go on a vacation. Often we keep suitcases in the garage or attic where they can attain a musty smell.
  • Place in your husband’s smelly shoes. You can even use half of a sheet for each shoe. It will take the stinky feet smell. 
  • Clean Pots and Pans. Just place the dryer sheet in the bottom of a nasty pan with warm water and let it soak for 30 minutes. You will be amazed at how easily the crud comes off.
  • Throw it in your vacuum cleaner. I’m not sure of why I never though of this before, but it works. There is nothing worse than a stinky vacuum when you turn it one. Well, maybe your hubbies shoes, but we got that taken care of now. Right?
  • Clean your shower. Dryer sheets work wonders on soap scum in your bathroom. Just dampen the dryer sheet and starting wiping down the glass.
  • Use them as dust busters. The antistatics properties repel dusts on TVs, blinds, bookshelves, and baseboard.
  • Hide them under your car seats – Your car will be the best smellin’ car on the block. People will comment, too.
  • Clean your iron. Rubbing the dryer sheet on your nasty iron will miraculously get that black gunk off. 
  • Soot Cleaning. Simply run the dryer sheet over your dirty candle holders and be amazed.
  • Polish Chrome. Who would have thought?
  • Get rid of musty book smells. Place the dryer sheet in a baggie and stick it in between those stinky pages. We get a lot of books at the used library sale.
  • No more hair static. Rub a used dryer sheet on your hair and brush.
  • Repels insects. Place a dryer sheet in your back pocket or rub the sheet on your skin to repel gnats, bees, and mosquitos.
  • Clean Washer. Wipe the top and inside of your washer every so often. So simple and clever.
  • Make pet hair vanish. This works like a charm in those corners of your floor where pet hair builds up.
  • Clean paint brushes. Soak brushes in warm water with a dryer sheet for a minute and watch how easy that latex paint vanishes.

These clever dryer sheet uses can help you when your out of your favorite household item or you just might become addicted to the many uses of dryer sheets and buy them in bulk like me.

It’s frugal.

So which one of these clever dryer sheet uses will you try first?