blessed beyond a doubt affiliate disclosure2I have often seen the signs of a spoiled child in my own children. More than I like to recall, I have overlooked the obvious. 

signs of a spoiled chilc

Call it denial or plain out laziness.

But I am to blame for my children portraying signs of a spoiled child on a consistent basis.

Of course, kids are going to be kids. They were born sinners just like all of us. It’s only natural for children to think that the world evolves around them. 

However, when they are in the toddler years and can carry on a conversation with you, it’s our job as a parent to put a stop to this unruly behavior. If you don’t put a stop to it immediately, you are in for a very rocky road in your parenting years. 

There is nothing worse than having your child act uncontrollable in a public setting and you have no idea how to handle the situation gracefully. 

I have 6 children and we’ve had some unhappy trips to Walmart. I remember envying those mothers shopping alone at Walmart. 

But there is hope. You must take action and recognize the signs of a spoiled child.

Signs of a Spoiled Child

  • Throws Temper Tantrums.  If your child throws a temper tantrum at home and in public when they don’t get their own way, your child needs to learn this is completely unacceptable. There will be an occasion tantrum, but if it happens weekly, you need to put a stop to this behavior. I found that when I tell my children in a calm manner that I will not be listening to their tantrums and leave them crying on the floor (at home of course), it only takes a few tantrums for them to catch on that throwing a fit doesn’t result in a positive result. If you respond and give in to this behavior, you can guarantee it will happen over and over again.
  • Not Helpful. A Child who does not like to help others are in he mindset of being selfish. If they complain that they don’t want to clean up their toys, and you always do it for them, your child will have the belief that everyone will do things for them. Of course, it’s appropriate to help the child when they are young to clean up their mess, but they should be able to do it by the age of 3. (Maybe not to your standards, but at least they are helping and making an effort)
  • Refuses to Share. Any child who refuses to share, needs to be reprimanded and taught that sharing is a part of life. We all need to learn to respect others property when being shared with too. After all, it’s not our belongings, it’s just on loan to us by our heavenly Father.
  • Ignores You. Ignoring you when you speak to them, is the utmost disrespect and means they are only concerned with themselves. They don’t believe there will be consequences for their defiant behavior.
  • Doesn’t like to Play Alone. If you have to keep your children entertained constantly, you have trouble on your hands. Children should be expected to be able to play by themselves at times. There is nothing wrong with playdates or park day, but if your child can’t be happy unless entertained, you will burn out and you will go to bed exhausted.
  • Rude to Adults. You as a parent should have no tolerance for rude behavior coming from your child to any adults whether they are family or friends. We are to respect our elders. If they don’t have respect for you than they certainly aren’t going to respect other adults.
  • Controls your Life. When your child’s life controls yours, you are jeopardizing your marriage and your other callings. God first. Marriage second. Child third. A child needs to witness a healthy marriage relationships and friendships. The child should fit into the family’s schedule not vice versa.

Like I mentioned, I am still constantly working at raising my children to love the Lord and others. I must make a constant effort to watch out for these 7 signs of a spoiled child and act appropriately. I totally get it…sometimes it’s just easier to ignore the situation. Parenting is truly a blessing, but it’s so hard. However, we don’t get a second chance on raising our babies. Before you know it, they are teens. 

Thank goodness for His new mercies everyday. I still don’t have this parenting thing down after birthing 6 children.

Don’t expect immediate results when you start working on a specific area, you didn’t get a spoiled child overnight. Just don’t give up no matter how tired you are. The rewards will be a child who loves you and respects you in the upcoming  years. I have to admit, I’m still waiting for those years in some of my children, but I’m not called to be their bestsie, but their parent. It hurts sometimes. I’m experienceing this exact thing with one of my older children. You know how it is…Teenagers have life all figured out! 

Today’s education is tomorrow’s government

~Abraham Lincoln

Do you agree with the 7 signs of a spoiled child?