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This simple pipe cleaner animals and creature project will literally keep your kiddos busy for hours.

 pipe cleaners animals

The children and I were discussing how God made everyone different and in His own image. I explained that there are no two people or creatures alike. I thought it would fun for my children to create their own creatures and name them each. They came up with some funny names.

Supplies Needed for Pipe Cleaner Animals and Creatures

Use what you have around the house before you go out and buy something

  • Colored Plastic Spoons
  • Colored Pipe Cleaners
  • Googly Eyes
  • Small Pom poms
  • Tacky Glue or hot glue gun

pipe cleaners animals

I do not allow my children to use the hot glue gun, so when  they are making these FUN pipe cleaner animals or creatures on their own they use tacky glue, but they know to glue the eyes and poms poms on last to avoid them from falling off before they are dried.

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Animals and Creatures

  • Have your child decide if they want legs or wings or both

pipe cleaners animals

  • Take the pipe cleaners and twist them around the spoon handle
  • Add antennas with pipe cleaners if they wish
  • Add a tail 
  • Add poms poms for spots with glue
  • Add googly eyes or pom poms for eyes (mine liked to use a sharpie)

There is no wrong way to make these cute guys. Just let your children be creative. It’s a FUN project to help them with fine motor skills, too. I let my children make several at a time and they play for hours with them.


If you have an old shoebox they can make a little habitat for their new Pipe Cleaner Animals and Creatures.

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