Persuasive writing is a form of nonfiction writing that encourages creative word choice, the development of logical arguments, and a convincing summary. Elementary children can be guided through a series of simple steps in an effort to develop their persuasive writing skills.

Practice is the key to successful paragraph writing. 

FREE Persuasive Writing Prompt

I have been working with my third-grade class as well as my own daughter who is currently in third grade with persuasive writing. My daughter is always my guinea pig with my creative writing exercises. She absolutely loved this persuasive writing prompt and completed the whole packet in one sitting after school one evening. 

I break this persuasive writing prompt up into several days with my own classroom. I like to meet individually with each student after they have completed each step of the persuasive writing process. We discuss different ways they can enhance and improve their writing. I rarely give suggestions, but encourage them to think for themselves. 

Before I handed out this creative writing exercise, I informed my students that it’s time for the annual creative donut contest. Each year a donut shop judges each contestants creative and tasty donut. The winning donut will be  known as their specialty donut of the year. The winner of the contest, will have free donuts for the next year. 

Of course, you can add to the story if you wish. It’s always fun to have donuts after the students complet their final draft.

What’s included in this FREE Persuasive Writing Prompt

There are 7 pages included in this persuasive writing packet. 

FREE Persuasive Writing Prompt

First, I have them design their donut. They are creating the most creative and unique donut for the annual creative donut contest. I actually have two different coloring sheets for them to choose from.

FREE Persuasive Writing PromptSecond, I have the student write words to describe their donut to their 5 senses. This really helps with good quality adjectives. 

FREE Persuasive Writing PromptThird, I have the students pick 3 of their most creative details and I have them provide an explanation for each detail.

FREE Persuasive Writing Prompt

Fourth, students are to write a topic and concluding sentence for their paragraph writing. 

FREE Persuasive Writing Prompt

Finally, they write their rough draft and have a peer edit it for them. I encourage the students to skip every other line in order for corrections. Once I have approved their rough draft, they are to write their final draft.FREE Persuasive Writing PromptI included a rubric for my third graders. This lets them know what I am expecting from them. I always like to leave some positive feedback to each student. 

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