Is it important to learn opinion writing in school?

Opinion writing is an elementary form of writing in which the student provides reasons to defend his opinion on a specific subject. In this free homeschool writing curriculum, we provide an easy 5 day, step-by-step approach to teaching opinion writing. Each day your students will complete a different activity that will result in the development of their opinion, providing their thoughts on the subject, and writing a complete, final draft discussing their opinions.

Teaching our students how to voice their opinion in a constructive manner is an important part of helping them grow as individuals. Therefore, this free homeschool curriculum provides 12 weeks of engaging writing prompts for your students to discuss.

I loved using this free opinion writing curriculum with my third-grade class because they developed a habit of writing each day. By the end of the third week, they were very familiar with the concepts of opinion writing and what I expected from them. The program was such an asset to struggling and reluctant writings. It’s all about routine with students. Students want to please, but they need to know the expectations.

What’s included in this free homeschool curriculum packet?

12 weeks of opinion writing prompts that include, 12 brainstorming printables, 12 topic sentence and conclusion printables, 12 key detail printables, 12 rough draft printables, and 12 final draft printables(plus a younger version of the final draft printable)


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