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A Homeschool Character Study is part of our weekly school routine.

FREE homeschool character study

Here’s How We Do a Character Study

  • Each child goes through the printable chart and picks a character trait that they feel they need to work on for the week.  We usually do this on Monday mornings along with our Bible lesson.
  • Each child must look up their character trait in the 1828 Dictionary. We own this wonderful resource and use it often, but you can use it free online.
  • The children use a concordance to look up their keyword or character trait.
  • Each child must find at least (1) character in the Bible that demonstrates the character with scripture references.
  • Each child applies the character to their life for the next week with descriptive ideas.
  • A memory verse is always imperative to meditate on during the week.

I created a FREE homeschool character study printable along with a Character Chart for their character notebook. The character chart includes 50 character traits.

Character Study Tips for Classrooms

You can simply pick one character per week and discuss it with you class. I like to make a point to comment when students are demonstrating their character traits during the week. Instead of using the character study PDF, you can have the students complete the vocabulary notebook page.

Thanks for pinning the free character study printables for others to enjoy.