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homeschool bible resources

There are several elements to look for when searching for homeschool Bible Resources.

I tend to be very discerning when it comes to homeschool Bible resources than any other resources in our homeschool.  I want it to be sound doctrinal and to agree with our spiritual faith and values that the Holy Spirit has instilled within our family.  There are so many homeschool curriculum that states they are Christian by just throwing in a Bible verse here and there.  My goal is to teach my children to think from a biblical worldview.

Here are a few points to consider when considering Homeschhol Bible Resources:

  • Pray – Allow the Holy Spirit to give you discernment when choosing homeschool Bible Resources.  It would be a good idea to get your husband and/or pastor to be praying about your Bible resources options.
  • Theology – Check out the publishers statement of faith, read the sample lessons with discernment, and make sure it is rooted in God’s Word and not man’s.
  • Learning Process – Ask yourself if it is student-oriented and  is there spiritual applications to be learned.  We want our children to think from a biblical worldview and to make their faith their own.
  • Easy to Use – Discern if there is any prep time involved for you, make sure it can be easily adaptable for multiple children if you are planning on using as a family resource, and make note of the copyright rules.  Do you want to spend time preparing intensly for a Bible lesson or spend your quality time in God’s Word with your children?

Also, make sure any homeschool Bible resources agrees with your homeschool mission statement before you consider putting any homeschool Bible resources in the hands of your children to make sure you are looking at the big picture of your homeschool goals.

Do you have any more tips to consider when searching for homeschool Bible resources?