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Skip counting is one of the first math skills that gets your child ready to understand beginning multiplication.

And we are about to start the skip counting process with my 2nd grader.

I believe the hundred chart is a useful tool that helps children to actually visualize the skipping process. I created these skip counting charts for the numbers 2-10.  I am going to introduce with numbers 2, 5, 10 first and then he will eventually master the rest of the numbers.

How these charts works with us

  • We will only work with (1) chart at a time
  • He colors the multiples of the number with highlighters – example (2,4,6,8…)
  • We laminate the chart
  • We go over the chart several times per day

There are also numerous fun ways children can practice skip counting, such as, FREE online games and activities.

Also, I usually print several worksheets to help master skip counting.

 Skip Counting Worksheets

And why not add some tunes to the lessons, too.

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How do you teach skip counting to your children?