homeschool mission statement

Do you have a homeschool mission statement?

If not, you need to create one each year!  There a numerous reasons why it’s imperative that you and your family should always revise a homeschool mission statement before you begin the new school year.

5 Reasons a Homeschool Mission Statement is needed:

  1. It will help you make realistic goals for your homeschool year.
  2. It will encourage you to continue to run the race when you are discouraged.
  3. It will give you freedom from comparison.  Each homeschool is unique.
  4. It will help you stay focus on the main reasons your on the homeschool journey.
  5. It will help you to spend your money wisely on the resources that will meet your goals.

So you might be thinking this sounds like a great idea, but where do I begin?  Here is a How to Create a Homeschool Mission Statement printable to help you keep your thoughts organized.

FREE Homeschool Mission Statement

5 Things to Ponder when creating your homeschool mission statement:

  1. What are the reasons why you decided to homeschool?
  2. What are your short term goals for this school year?
  3. What are your long term goals for your homeschool?
  4. What are the spiritual and character goals you would like to instill in your children?
  5. What are the life skills you want your children to master?

I recommend you and your family spend time brainstorming these ideas together with the How to Create a Homeschool Mission Statement printable.  Second, have your entire family praying over these ideas for at least a week.  Next, come together and come up with a homeschool mission statement as a family.  Print and place in a visible location.  It also might be a good idea for the family to each sign the homeschool mission statement.

Please don’t make the same mistakes I did in your homeschool journey.

Do you create a homeschool mission statement each year?