I introduced my children to phonics programs at a very early age. While I was homeschooling the older children, I would put the pack n play in front of the TV and put on an engaging phonics program to keep them entertained. I did this at the same time everyday. 


Take a look at how my little ones learned their basic phonics? I started introducing them to phonic programs at a very young age. Check out the best phonic programs on Netflix. Which one will your children watch first?

Before I knew it, my toddler knew all his sounds just from watching the phonic show, Leap Frog Letter Factory. This was true for at least 3 of my children. They looked forward to their “school.”


I also had special toys that I would allow my toddlers to play with while I was doing school with the older children. They were only allowed to play with them during school hours. This made these toys extra special.

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Netflix became part of our homeschool curriculum early on in our homeschool journey. I’m amazed at how many quality phonic programs Netflix provides for members. 

Here are the Best Phonics Programs on Netflix for Little Ones

LetterLeapFrog: Phonics Farm

LeapFrog: The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park

Super Why

Ask the Story Bots

Storybots Super Songs

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Mother Goose Club

LeapFrog: Numberland

Learning Songs by Little Baby Bum

Little Baby Bum: Nursery Rhyme Friends

Little Einsteins


Alphabet Road: “F” Is for Farm

Baby Brainworks: Alphabet

Special Kids: The Alphabet

Sesame Street: Do the Alphabet

Look and Learn: Alphabet Soup: Learn the Letters

Sesame Street: The Alphabet Jungle Game

Netflix is such a wonderful educational resource for families on a budget. You can almost guarantee you will find some documentary or historical fiction movie about what ever your family is studying. They have really good science documentaries, too. 

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I am no longer a homeschool mom, but I’m a reading specialist for the public school. I’m always looking for outstanding phonic programs and resources for my students.

Please feel free to add your child’s favorite phonic program in the comment below.