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6 tips for teaching the basic phonics rules

To be able to read, write and teach reading correctly you need to be able to understand basic phonics rules.

I like to think of phonics as a science problem….decoding to find the answers.  Reading doesn’t come naturally. Teaching children basic phonics rules along with sight words that do not conform to the basic phonics rules will help your child master the English language.

Tips for teaching the Basic Phonics Rules

  1. Always teach one rule at a time.  Don’t move on until they have mastered the basic phonics rule.
  2. Try using FUN games and interesting ways to incorporate the basic phonics rules.
  3. Since the English language has many exceptions, it’s wise to teach with a systematical approach.  First, teach the letter sounds, and then the blends.  I never teach the name of the letter, they automatically learn them with the ABC song.
  4. Teach sight words flashcards or other fun ways, such as reading games.  This is memorization so drilling tends to be successful.
  5. Don’t explain exceptions to the rule until later on.  This will just confuse young learners.
  6. Practice and repetition is the key to understanding the basic phonics rules.

We enjoy All About Spelling when teaching the basic phonics rules.  Also, there are many FREE online program resources available.

Don’t forget to grab a list of the basic phonics rules!