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Did you know you can save more than just pocket change on gas this summer?

Here's a must read on how to save on gas this summer!

I have to admit that I’m thrilled that gas prices aren’t as astronomical as they once were during the busy summer months in the past. However, since becoming a single mom, I need to save in all areas. And gas is one area that I have decided to really concentrate on since our Suburban seems to guzzle gas.

I do have a monthly gas budget, but I am finding that in the summer months, I need to stretch it a bit. 

Here are 11 Ways to Save on Gas This Summer

  1. Gas Reward Cards. You will be amaze at the potential gas savings if you purchase a gas reward card. Almost all local grocery stores have this option readily available. Just ask. But plan ahead.
  2. Don’t Warm Up. I know it’s very tempting to start your car and have the AC blasting and your car nice and cool before pulling out of the driveway especially in the scalding Texas heat, but 5 minutes leads to 10 minutes of the car just idling. Just start the car, crack the window for a second to get the hot air out before moving.
  3. Turn Car Off Between Stops. I’m not talking about at a stop light, but when you are waiting to pick your child up from an activity, turn the car off and get out of the car. The sunshine will do you some good.
  4. Get Gas Apps. They have FREE gas apps to inform you of the best gas prices in your current location. Load Gas Guru or Gasbuddy.
  5. Schedule Fill Up Times. The best time to purchase gas is on Wednesday and Thursdays before 10 am. So plan ahead. Gas prices rise on Thursday afternoons. 
  6. Don’t Drive like a Maniac. Don’t accelerate quickly. You will avoid looking like an idiot and save money on gas at the same time when you avoid making a skid mark. You will preserve your tires, too.
  7. Proper Maintenance. Make sure everything is intact including a clean air filter, spark plugs, and tire pressure is adequate to avoid using more gas on a daily basis.
  8. Plan Ahead. Pick one day per week to do all your errands. Enjoy your summer as much as possible at home. You don’t need to go somewhere everyday. 
  9. Carpooling. If your children have swim team or another activity, carpool with another neighbor family. It’s silly for you both to be dropping and picking up your children. Rotate weeks or days. Just do it. I guarantee if you mention this idea to your neighbor, they will think you are Einstein. 
  10. Always Fill Up Before Reaching a Quarter of a Tank. This will help extend your electric pump and further your gas. Also, it avoids getting dust in your tank that can cause additional problems.
  11. Always Park in Shade When Possible. This will help to not make your AC work so hard when starting the car. I like to crack my window just a half an inch, too.

There are several more ways to save big on gas this summer, but these are the ones I’m taking to heart to help make my gas budget go further.

Do you have any tips to help save money on gas this summer? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.