Getting your kids excited to learn using LEGO bricks is really cool. But lets face it. Kids can smell a trick a mile away. So sometimes, its kinda cool to just let them learn – because you don’t really have to try and teach when they play LEGO games for fun. My eight-year-old son has been playing with LEGO bricks from the moment he was old enough. When it came time to do math for real, he already had formed strong concepts of addition, subtraction, fractions, construction, and so much more. Now that he is old enough for more formal learning, breaking out the LEGO stash is a good way to get him engaged and fast.

Who can resist LEGO Learning? Not my lego-crazed kids, I can tell you that. I can't even myself! We've found 75 awesome free LEGO printables!

We use LEGO writing paper or notebooking pages for regular day-to-day assignments that call for writing by hand. We use coloring pages for a fun fine-motor practice, and we use the various math sheets I’ve created for extra practice. I counted it up today, and we have 70 pages of LEGO printables on Homeschool Encouragement alone!

I’ve been doing some serious research though, so I am happy to bring you a much longer list today. I’m breaking it down by subject and helping you find everything you need to make LEGO Learning happen.

You will probably want to grab this FREE Lego Super hero chore chart.

LEGO Writing Paper

(also known as Notebooking Pages – these have all sizes of writing lines and styles) 

1. The Doctor LEGO Notebooking Pages – 3 pages from Homeschool Encouragement

2. The Construction Worker LEGO Notebooking Pages – 3 pages from Homeschool Encouragement

3. The Waitress LEGO Notebooking Pages – 3 Pages from Homeschool Encouragement

4. The Cowboy: LEGO Writing Paper (Notebooking Pages) – 3 pages from Homeschool Encouragement

5. The Nurse LEGO Notebooking Pages – 3 Pages from Homeschool Encouragement

6. Free LEGO Notebooking Pages – 7 pages from Blessed Beyond a Doubt

7. Homeschool For Free Using the LEGOs You Already Own at Free Homeschool Deals (includes 3 printables)

8. Handwriting Worksheets from the Twisty Noodle

9.  100th Day of School LEGO Notebooking Page from Tip Junkie

10. LEGO Notebooking Page from the Sparkle Box


11. LEGO Addition Worksheets from The Six Kents

12. LEGO Number Cards from Learn With Play At Home

13.  LEGO Math Playdough Mats – 8 pages from Homeschool Encouragement

14. LEGO Color-By-Number Pages for “3” Facts – 3 pages from Homeschool Encouragement

15. LEGO Color-By-Number Pages for “4” Facts – 2 pages from Homeschool Encouragement

16. LEGO Addition Freebie from Kindergarten Smorgasboard (Scroll down.)

17. LEGO Dump Truck Counting Mat from the Measured Mom

18. Greater Than/Less Than Game from Deceptively Educational

19. Printable LEGO Game from  Christiansen Chronicles

20. LEGO Patterning from A Mom’s View from the Pew

21. Teach Ratio with LEGO Bricks from the Tutor House

22. Daily LEGO Math Practice  from Chaos Appreciation

23. LEGO Multiplication from Great Peace Academy

24. LEGO Perimeter and Area Printables from Walking By the Way

25. Using Legos to Problem Solve (Free Lego Robotics Printable from Teachers Pay Teachers)

26. Double Digit Addition and Subtraction from HS Classroom

27. Using Legos To Build Math Concepts from Scholastic — several printables here for fractions, multiplication, etc.

28. LEGO Math Activity Guide from Little Brick Schoolhouse

29. Beautiful Graphing Charts for Regular Legos (not duplo!) from Milk and Cookies Blog

30. Lesson Plans and Worksheets from LEGO and NASA  at LEGO Space

31. Duplo Patterning Activity from Well Nurtured Plants and Pillars

32. Duplo Counting Towers from All our Days

33. LEGO Counting Graph from Counting With Coconuts.

34. Activity Guide for LEGO Math from Little Brick Schoolhouse

35. Count and Stamp With Legos from Deceptively Fun

36. Learn To Count with LEGO Bricks from Great Peace Academy

37. Learning With LEGO Kit from Great Peace Academy

38. LEGO Math Centers from Toddler House (click the links to download each printable you want)

39. DIY LegoLand Game (Spin-Off of CandyLand) by Inspired By Family

40. Printable LEGO Board Game from A Mom With A Lesson Plan

41. LEGO Challenge Math from Buggy and Buddy

42. Multiplying With LEGO Bricks from Great Peace Academy

43. LEGO Workbook (maze and word search) from One Mama’s Daily Drama

LEGO Miscellaneous Subjects

44. LEGO Stop Motion Video Instructions from Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network

45. LEGO Review Game (review anything!) from Homeschooling on a Dime

46. Exploring Emotions with LEGO® faces – 7 pages from Homeschool Encouragement

47. Exploring Emotions with LEGO® Faces (3rd-6th Grades) – 6 pages from Homeschool Encouragement

48. LEGO Coloring Pages – 8 pages from Homeschool Encouragement

49. Teaching Art With LEGO – 5 pages from Homeschool Encouragement

50. How to Use LEGO Books to Teach PLUS 15 Educational LEGO Books Your Kids Will Love -5 pages

51. LEGO Graphic Printable from A Day in First Grade

52. LEGO Chemistry Lesson with Student Pages  From MIT (these MIT lessons and pages are beautiful!)

53. Photosynthesis Lesson Plans with Student Handouts from MIT

54. Understanding Air Lesson Plan with Student Handouts from MIT

55. LEGO Education from  LEGO

56. LEGO Movie Printable Pack from Over the Moon

57. LEGO Movie Coloring Pages from Over the Moon

58. LEGO Bump and Freeze Game from Activity Mom

59. Pin the Head on the LEGO man (motor skills) from East Coast Mommy

60. LEGO Matchbox Beds (pretend play) from Kids Activities Blog

LEGO Language Arts

61. Writing Prompts with a LEGO Theme – 6 pages from Homeschool Encouragement

62. Language Arts and MiniFigs from HomeGrown Learners

63. Kindergarten Printables from 1+1+1=1

64. LEGO Writing Prompts from Homegrown Learners

65. LEGO Unit Study Lapbook from Walking By the Way

66. Daily Building Challenges Calendar from Well-Nurtured Plants and Pillars

67. LEGO  Word Search and other worksheets from DK-US

68. 10 Free Story Starters from Kathy’s Cluttered Mind

69. Learn To Read With Legos from The Educators Spin On It

70. Create Your Own Minifig Printable from Homegrown Learners

71. LEGO Spelling Test Printable from Blessed Beyond a Doubt

72. LEGO Spelling Test Printable from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

73. 10 Free LEGO Story Starters from Kathy’s Cluttered Mind

74. Kids LEGO Alphabet Cards from B-Inspired Mama

75. How to Teach the Alphabet with LEGO Duplo Blocks with Free Printable from Pre-K Pages

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