FREE Phonetic Blend Charts – Mastering Phonic Sounds!

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FREE consonant blend charts

Teaching and mastering  all the consonant blend sounds are a must in our homeschool before we move on to more difficult phonic skills.  I created these phonetic blend charts for my kindergartner who needed some extra practice with his blends.

I colored coated the vowels in case you wanted to cut up into flashcards instead of leaving them as charts.  I laminated all the cards and placed them in a silver ring in random order.  After he has masters each blend chart, I remove the specific chart from the stack on the ring.



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Has your child mastered the phonetic blend sounds yet?

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  1. Thank you for posting these! I just printed them out for my K-4 curriculum. This is our first year homeschooling. Wish us luck! These will be a great help! :)

  2. Just an FYI- these are not consonant blends. They are open syllables. Consonant blends are 2 or more consonants that make their own sound such as cl, st, sp, tr, pl, str, nt, etc.

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