FREE A-Z Cursive Copywork while Encouraging your Children to go on Family Walks !

walkThis looks wonderful!  What a great idea!

Have a Wonderful Walk – A-Z Cursive Copyworkis FREE right now.  I am sure you can adapt to manuscript font for your younger ones.


 Inspire your kids during copywork time to enjoy a family walk.

Through the years as we homeschooled, Joy Marie took photos of our kids enjoying family walks and park time for PE. The color photos in this penmanship book span our kids’ ages from toddler to graduating teen, so kids get to see our homeschooled kids at different ages as they copy sentences about the many and varied fun things we did on family walks.

This book is both an inspiration to kids to encourage them to enjoy family walks and also an inspiration and guide to parents on how to make family walks and exercise at the park (and in many other settings) enjoyable for the whole family, tots to teens. At the back of the copywork pages is a complete guide covering everything from how to avoid family quarrels and helping kids learn how to treat one another to how to photograph your own kids on family walks. Joy Marie covers both the practical aspects, such as bringing along snacks, drinks and jackets, and the spiritual and inspirational side of being close to God, the Creator, on a walk.

This beautiful book is an experience in joyfulness that just might change your family life.

The professional handwriting font set used in our penmanship books is used by public schools across the U.S. This book is reproducible for all students living in the same home as the book’s owner.

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