Facebook parties are filled with FUN, fellowship, giveaways, and offer helpful information for people just like you and me.  I have met many like-minded friends at Facebook Parties and have won awesome prizes.

It’s a blast!

And the best part, I can wear my jammies, pull my hair back, and forget to put on my make up, too!

You are welcome to be a party pooper lurker at the party, but by asking questions and adding your 2 cents in will help you get the most benefit at the party.

It’s super easy to participate in a Facebook Party, but you have to know the simple steps.

Step 1 – Save the date/time and make sure you take note of the timezone.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed a party due to the time difference.

Step 2 – RSVP ahead of time if possible.  Often by RSVPing you are added to a drawing, like this one. (25.00 Great Products gift Card)

Step 3 – You must go on the Facebook Page where the party is happenin’ and LIKE the page.

Step 4 – Out of courtesy it is proper etiquette to like the sponsors and cohosts facebook pages, as well.  After all, they are the ones who are most likely providing the fabulous giveaways and offering their expert advice.

Step 5 – If you are not seeing everything being posted, click the “Highlights” drop-down box and select to view “Post by Page” or “Posts by Others” according to your personal preference.  You want to be in the loop, don’t ya?

Step 6 – Refresh Often or press F5 to make sure your not missing any scoop.  Facebook Parties are much easier to keep up with than twitter parties, but your will need to refresh often

Step 7 – When a giveaway is announced, click on the link that is provided and follow the blogs guidelines.  Sometimes a rafflecopter is used or just simply leaving a comment on the blog post will gain you an entry.

Step 8 –  Sometimes party favors(freebies) or special discounts are given to the facebook attendees(that’s you) and towards the end of the party directions will be given to you in regards on how to obtain your goodies usually with an email address.

 Step 9 –  Comment when asked, you never know when your answer just might be the answer that your new friend has been searching for.

 Step 10 – Party On!

Facebook Parties are just a FUN place to hang out, win prizes, and correspond with the brands you love.  Not to mention all the helpful FREE advice and friendship that you will take home in your goodie bag to last a life time.