A New Year, New Look, New Goals and New Giveaway Bundle!

newyearsgiveawayI am overly excited about the 2013 new year!  In fact, I can’t remember the last time I felt so much anticipation with the upcoming new year.  I get all giddy just thinking about it!

What new goals do you have for you and your family this year?  What areas would like to grow in?

I have several new personal goals for myself:

  • Grow closer to the Lord 
  • Live intentional for Him
  • Encourage others
  • Develop time management skills

I have several new goals for you and me:

  • I want to encourage you to grow intimately with our Savior
  • I want to help you reach your high calling as a helpmeet and a mother
  • I want to equip you with tools and resources to aid you in your busy schedules
  • I want you to look back this time next year and be able say the time I spent on Blessed Beyond a Doubt in 2013 encouraged me

I am overly joyed to share with you my 2013 Homeschool Blogging Conference sponsors who I have partnered with to bring you the very best encouragement and homeschool products this upcoming here.  I feel so blessed that God has provided me with God Fearing partners that honor the Lord.  Please go visit them.  They have blessed our family with their wholesome products this past year.  And yours will be, too!

And they came to together to offer a 2013 New Year Bundle Giveaway to one of my readers.  This FUN bundle includes a: We Choose Virtue Coloring Book, Encouragement for the Homeschool Mom, Book 1, and The Crossmaker.  I will be picking a random winner on January 12th at 12a. Winner will be contacted via email and must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.


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  1. Looks really nice. I like it.
    Add more time to read the Bible (for myself and to my 2 girls.)

  2. Ronica Case says:

    I would like to grow in time management and living according to what I’ve been convicted off

  3. My number goal this year is to grow in my walk with Christ!

  4. I need to grow closer to God and get better organized at home, and do better with time management too.

  5. I want to be a better wife and mother. Get organized and into a routine. Eat healthy and lose weight.

  6. what a useful, practical give away! I would love to win it- thank you! I could use help in all those areas :-0

  7. oops, I didn’t answer it as asked. I really need to grow in discipline, structure and scheduling!

  8. Nicole Hale says:

    I need to grow closer to the Lord and totally depend upon Him for everything and NOT live in fear!

  9. I would like to be more patient with my husband & children. I would also like to be quick to love & forgive, and slow to anger.

  10. I would like to grow as a housekeeper and in having people into our home.

  11. Audra Silva says:

    I want to grow in my faith walk with the Lord, and in my one word: intentional. Being intentional in all areas of my life should bring quite a bit of growth as I allow God to teach me how to do that. 🙂

  12. Selima Garris says:

    I would love to organize my time better as a mom and a wife.

  13. Just Being = in a deeper walk with Christ.

  14. I need to do better with using my time wisely.

  15. I would like to learn to manage my time better too, in order to fit in taking better care of myself, sleeping enough, exercising and managing my home better. Would love to win this! Thanks.

  16. I’d love to grow in the coming year in this area and I’ve made it one of my goals.

  17. You have very similar goals to me this year. I would love to have these wonderful books.

  18. I want to have a deeper relationship with the Lord and spend more time with my children.

  19. I want to grow closer to God by being a more faithful reader of his word.

  20. I want to work on my relationships with God, my husband, and my kids

  21. I want to grow in my relationship with Jesus and organize my day-to-day life in a more glorifying way for and to Him.

  22. I would like to grow in so many areas, but one would be organizing my time.

  23. I would like to grow in the ” patience” area! I feel like I am putting too much on myself and not e ought on God

  24. I want to include Bible in my curriculum fire the first time

  25. Jennie 5aber says:

    I want to grow in family devotions this year

  26. Just found this blog, looking forward to exploring it.

  27. Better time management, grow my relationships.

  28. I need to work on having more patience with my children.

  29. Shannon Alexander says:

    My goals this year is to grow in my walk with God, and learn to take of my home better

  30. Grow in the Lord have more patience, strength and structure in my life and with my family. Praying for 2013 to be a great year, and remembering that with God anything is possible!

  31. This year, I’d like to learn to let go a little bit. Learn to trust God, and let go of trying to figure everything out myself.

  32. I would like to become better at time management and organization!

  33. I would like to grow in the wisdom of homeschooling this year

  34. I need to spend more quiet time with God, spend more time organizing, and spend more time listening.

  35. Faith. I need to grow in my faith. In my walk, in my understanding… in it all.

  36. Spend more time in the Bible & exercise.

  37. Michele R says:

    What a great giveaway. This year I would like to learn to trust God more and not myself or others. I would also like to get organized as we get ready to homeschool our 5 year old in the fall!

  38. I would like to grow more by recovering more from my failed marriages.

  39. I want to strengthen my relationship with Jesus, my husband, and my children. Also need to be more focused and develop my “meek and quiet spirit.”

  40. Daphne La Rosa says:

    To grow closer to the Lord! To get more organized and consistant in everything! Help my children grow closer to the Lord.

  41. I want to grow in obedience to God in all things. I am also focusing on self-control regarding food and also time wasted on the computer.

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